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Rejected by mother - cared by a golden retriever [via]

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"Welcome to being a ruling queen, Mary. Men will trust you and die. These are the first, but they won’t be the last;

make the clock reverse…

Ygritte + hair —  I loved a maid as red as autumn, with sunset in her hair.
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Is it possible to overdose on adorable baby animal GIFs?

It’s just that… it’s like you escaped from a Hallmark card or something. Is that a bad thing? I don’t know.

Make Me Choose: Eilonwy or Odette

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ohmelkor asked: Tauriel or Arwen?


100-101/100 screencaps of Ron Weasley.



→ Mother of wolves

Make me choose - avedaenerys asked: Éowyn or Arwen?


Steel whispered through wool and silk with a faint, soft sound. The girl was shaking. Theon had to grab her arm to hold her still. Jeyne, Jeyne, it rhymes with pain. He tightened his grip, as much as his maimed hand would allow. “Stay still.” Finally the gown fell away, a pale tangle round her feet. “Her smallclothes too,” Ramsay commanded. Reek obeyed. When it was done the bride stood naked, her bridal finery a heap of white and grey rags about her feet. Her breasts were small and pointed, her hips narrow and girlish, her legs as skinny as a bird’s. A child. Theon had forgotten how young she was. Sansa’s age. Arya would be even younger.


The taste of innocence. The taste of dreams.